Keith van Rijsbergen Award

Call for Nominations: Keith has been a pioneer in modern information retrieval and a strong advocate of the development of models and theories in information retrieval. Keith has also been recognised for his mentorship of numerous researchers within the community. ECIR 2024 proposes a new award (the KvR Award) to encourage and recognise researchers who …read more

Student Support Grants and Student Volunteers

The submission deadline (January 24th, 2024 (AOE)) has now passed and we are no longer accepting new applications. Thanks to our friends at the Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) and the SIGIR Friends program, we have a number of student grants available to cover the registration costs for ECIR 2024.    There are two …read more

Call for Doctoral Consortium Papers

The Doctoral Consortium (DC) at ECIR 2024 will provide a forum for PhD students in the field of Information Retrieval to present their research and thesis proposal to world-class senior researchers from academia and industry. Students will receive feedback on their work and have the opportunity to engage in detailed discussion with advisors through individual …read more

Call for “IR for Good” Papers

The European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) is the prime European forum for the presentation of original research in the general field of Information Retrieval. Societal issues (such as algorithmic bias and fairness, privacy, and transparency) are becoming more and more relevant for making advances towards responsible Information Retrieval (IR). Indeed, these matters have a …read more

Call for Reproducibility Papers

ECIR strongly encourages the submission of papers that repeat, reproduce, generalise, and analyse prior work. Please refer to the ACM “Artifact Review and Badging” guidelines for consistent use of the terminology, which is heterogeneous across disciplines. In particular, we solicit replicability (different team, same experimental setup) and reproducibility (different team, different experimental setup) papers. Submissions …read more

Call for Industry Day Presentations

The Industry Day of ECIR 2024 will be held on Thursday March 28th 2024 in Glasgow, United Kingdom, immediately after the main conference program. Our goal is to bring together practitioners and researchers in the Information Retrieval domain to promote knowledge sharing and innovation across academia and industry. The theme of the ECIR 2024 Industry …read more