Accepted Papers

Author Title Type
Zhengxiang Shi, Xi Wang and Aldo Lipani Self Contrastive Learning for Session-based Recommendation Full Paper
Elizabeth Gómez, David Contreras, Ludovico Boratto and Maria Salamo MOReGIn: Multi-Objective Recommendation at the Global and Individual Levels Full Paper
Run-Ze Fan, Yixing Fan, Jiangui Chen, Jiafeng Guo, Ruqing Zhang and Xueqi Cheng RIGHT: Retrieval-augmented Generation for Mainstream Hashtag Recommendation Full Paper
Nanyi Fei, Hao Jiang, Haoyu Lu, Jinqiang Long, Yanqi Dai, Tuo Fan, Zhao Cao and Zhiwu Lu VEMO: A Versatile Elastic Multi-Modal Model for Search-Oriented Multi-Task Learning Full Paper
Ruize An, Chen Zhang and Dawei Song Eliminating Contextual Bias in Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis Full Paper
Matej Cief, Jacek Golebiowski, Philipp Schmidt, Ziawasch Abedjan and Artur Bekasov Learning Action Embeddings for Off-Policy Evaluation Full Paper
Hengchang Hu, Qijiong Liu, Chuang Li and Min-Yen Kan Lightweight Modality Adaptation to Sequential Recommendation via Correlation Supervision Full Paper
Lukas Wegmeth, Tobias Vente and Lennart Purucker Revealing the Hidden Impact of Top-N Metrics on Optimization in Recommender Systems Full Paper
Xi Wang, Procheta Sen, Ruizhe Li and Emine Yilmaz Simulated Task Oriented Dialogues for Developing Versatile Conversational Agents Full Paper
Ferdinand Schlatt, Maik Fröbe and Matthias Hagen Investigating the Effects of Sparse Attention on Cross-Encoders Full Paper
Shubham Chatterjee, Iain Mackie and Jeff Dalton DREQ: Document Re-Ranking Using Entity-based Query Understanding Full Paper
Theis Jendal, Trung-Hoang Le, Hady Lauw, Matteo Lissandrini, Peter Dolog and Katja Hose Hypergraphs with Attention on Reviews for Explainable Recommendation Full Paper
Anja Reusch, Julius Gonsior, Claudio Hartmann and Wolfgang Lehner Investigating the Usage of Formulae in Mathematical Answer Retrieval Full Paper
Guglielmo Faggioli and Nicola Ferro Query Obfuscation for Information Retrieval through Differential Privacy Full Paper
Yifan Qiao, Otto Godwin and Hua Ouyang On-Device Query Auto-Completion for Email Search Full Paper
Jie Wang, Kanha Bansal, Ioannis Arapakis, Xuri Ge and Joemon Jose Empowering Legal Citation Recommendation via Efficient Instruction-Tuning of Pre-trained Language Models Full Paper
Hossein Fani, Reza Barzegar, Arman Dashti and Mahdis Saeedi A Training Strategy for Future Collaborative Team Prediction Full Paper
Chunyu Yao, Yi Guo, Zhenzhen Duan and Xue Chen Role-Guided Contrastive Learning for Event Argument Extraction Full Paper
Yoav Shalev and Lior Wolf Fine-Tuning CLIP via Explainability Map Propagation for Boosting Image and Video Retrieval Full Paper
Runda Wang, Suzan Verberne and Marco Spruit Attend All Options At Once: Full Context Input For Multi-Choice Reading Comprehension Full Paper
Paul Lerner, Olivier Ferret and Camille Guinaudeau Cross-modal Retrieval for Knowledge-based Visual Question Answering Full Paper
Bowen Ren, Zefeng Qian, Yuchen Sun, Chao Gao and Chongyang Zhang WebSAM-Adapter: Adapting Segment Anything Model for Web Page Segmentation Full Paper
Davide Baldelli, Junfeng Jiang, Akiko Aizawa and Paolo Torroni TWOLAR: a TWO-step LLM-Augmented distillation method for passage Reranking Full Paper
Franco Maria Nardini, Cosimo Rulli and Rossano Venturini Efficient Multi-Vector Dense Retrieval with Bit Vectors Full Paper
Eugene Yang, Dawn Lawrie, James Mayfield, Douglas Oard and Scott Miller Translate-Distill: Learning Cross-Language Dense Retrieval by Translation and Distillation Full Paper
Xinyi Li, Yongfeng Zhang and Edward Malthouse Prompt-based Generative News Recommendation (PGNR): Accuracy and Controllability Full Paper
Yanran Tang, Ruihong Qiu, Yilun Liu, Xue Li and Zi Huang CaseGNN: Graph Neural Networks for Legal Case Retrieval with Text-Attributed Graphs Full Paper
Kanaad Pathak, Leif Azzopardi and Martin Halvey Ranking Heterogeneous Search Result Pages using the Interactive Probability Ranking Principle Full Paper
Thomas Jaenich, Graham McDonald and Iadh Ounis Query Exposure Prediction for Groups of Documents in Rankings Full Paper
Björn Engelmann, Timo Breuer, Jana Isabelle Friese, Philipp Schaer and Norbert Fuhr Context-driven Interactive Query Simulations based on Generative Large Language Models Full Paper
Suchana Datta, Debasis Ganguly, Sean MacAvaney and Derek Greene A Deep Learning approach for Selective Relevance Feedback Full Paper
Filippo Betello, Federico Siciliano, Pushkar Mishra and Fabrizio Silvestri Investigating the Robustness of Sequential Recommender Systems Against Training Data Perturbations Full Paper
Nishchal Prasad, Mohand Boughanem and Taoufiq Dkaki Exploring Large Language Models and Hierarchical Frameworks for Classification of Large Unstructured Legal Documents Full Paper
Tarek Saier, Mayumi Ohta, Takuto Asakura and Michael Färber HyperPIE: Hyperparameter Information Extraction from Scientific Publications Full Paper
Negar Arabzadeh, Amin Bigdeli and Ebrahim Bagheri LaQuE: Enabling Entity Search at Scale Full Paper
Andrew Parry, Maik Fröbe, Sean MacAvaney, Martin Potthast and Matthias Hagen Analyzing Adversarial Attacks on Sequence-to-Sequence Relevance Models Full Paper
Hai Dang Tran, Andrew Yates and Gerhard Weikum Conversational Search with Tail Entities Full Paper
Mohit Tomar, Abhisek Tiwari, Tulika Saha, Prince Jha and Sriparna Saha An EcoSage Assistant: Towards Building A Multimodal Plant Care Dialogue Assistant Full Paper
Sara Abdollahi, Tin Kuculo and Simon Gottschalk Event-specific Document Ranking through Multi-stage Query Expansion Using Knowledge Graphs Full Paper
Yupeng Hou, Junjie Zhang, Zihan Lin, Hongyu Lu, Ruobing Xie, Julian McAuley and Wayne Xin Zhao Large Language Models are Zero-Shot Rankers for Recommender Systems Full Paper
Johannes Kiesel, Marcel Gohsen, Nailia Mirzakhmedova, Matthias Hagen and Benno Stein Simulating Follow-up Questions in Conversational Search Full Paper
Lingbo Mo, Besnik Fetahu, Oleg Rokhlenko and Shervin Malmasi Controllable Decontextualization of Yes/No Question and Answers into Factual Statements Full Paper
Alberto Berenguer, David Tomás and Jose-Norberto Mazón Evaluating the impact of content deletion on tabular data similarity and retrieval using contextual word embeddings Full Paper
Thong Nguyen, Mariya Hendriksen, Andrew Yates and Maarten de Rijke Multi-Modal Learned Sparse Retrieval with Probabilistic Expansion Control Full Paper
Di You and Kyumin Lee Alleviating Confounding Effects with Contrastive Learning in Recommendation Full Paper
Zeyuan Meng, Iadh Ounis, Craig Macdonald and Zixuan Yi Knowledge Graph Cross-View Contrastive Learning for Recommendation Full Paper
Janek Bevendorff, Matti Wiegmann, Martin Potthast and Benno Stein Is Google Getting Worse? A Longitudinal Investigation of SEO Spam in Search Engines Full Paper
Deepanshu Pandey, Arindam Sarkar and Prakash Mandayam Comar GLAD: Graph-based Long-term Attentive Dynamic Memory for Sequential recommendation Full Paper
Erlend Frayling, Sean MacAvaney, Craig Macdonald and Iadh Ounis Effective Adhoc Retrieval through Traversal of a Query-Document Graph Full Paper
Satoshi Horikawa, Chiyonosuke Nemoto, Keishi Tajima, Masaki Matsubara and Atsuyuki Morishima An Adaptive Feature Selection Method for Learning-to-Enumerate Problem Full Paper
Francesc Net, Núria Hernández, Adria Molina and Lluis Gomez A Transformer-based object-centric approach for date estimation of historical photographs Full Paper
Aleksandr Petrov, Craig Macdonald and Sean MacAvaney Shallow Cross-Encoders for Low-Latency Retrieval Full Paper
Jan Švec, Martin Bulín, Adam Frémund and Filip Polák Asking questions framework for oral history archives Full Paper
Puxuan Yu, Antonio Mallia and Matthias Petri Improved Learned Sparse Retrieval with Corpus-specific Vocabularies Full Paper
Radin Hamidi Rad, Silviu Cucerzan, Nirupama Chandrasekaran and Michael Gamon Interactive Topic Tagging in Community Question Answering Platforms Full Paper
Abhisek Tiwari, Shreyangshu Bera, Sriparna Saha, Pushpak Bhattacharya and Samrat Ghosh Yes, this is what I was looking for! Towards Multi-modal Medical Consultation Concern Summary Generation Full Paper
Nachshon Cohen, Hedda Cohen Indelman, Yaron Fairstein and Guy Kushilevitz InDi : Informative and Diverse Sampling for Dense Retrieval Full Paper
Clara Rus, Maarten de Rijke and Andrew Yates A Study of Pre-processing Fairness Intervention Methods for Ranking People IR4Good
Jinhao Pan, Ziwei Zhu, Jianling Wang, Allen Lin and James Caverlee End-to-End Adaptive Local Learning for Alleviating Mainstream Bias in Collaborative Filtering IR4Good
Allen Lin, Jianling Wang, Ziwei Zhu and James Caverlee Federated Conversational Recommender Systems IR4Good
Lijun Lyu, Nirmal Roy, Harrie Oosterhuis and Avishek Anand Is Interpretable Machine Learning Effective at Feature Selection for Neural Learning-to-Rank? IR4Good
Michael Ekstrand, Alexandra Beattie, Maria Soledad Pera and Henriette Cramer Mapping Consumer Impacts and Intervention Strategies in Information Retrieval Systems IR4Good
Amin Abolghasemi, Leif Azzopardi, Arian Askari, Maarten de Rijke and Suzan Verberne Measuring Gender Bias in a Ranked List using Term-based Representations IR4Good
Marina Alonso-Cortés, Iván Cantador and Alejandro Bellogin Recommendation Fairness in e‑Participation: Listening to Minority, Vulnerable and NIMBY Citizens IR4Good
Alisa Rieger, Tim Draws, Nicolas Mattis, David Maxwell, David Elsweiler, Ujwal Gadiraju, Dana McKay, Alessandro Bozzon and Maria Soledad Pera Responsible Opinion Formation on Debated Topics in Web Search IR4Good
Gijs Hendriksen, Michael Dinzinger, Sheikh Mastura Farzana, Noor Afshan Fathima, Maik Fröbe, Sebastian Schmidt, Saber Zerhoudi, Michael Granitzer, Matthias Hagen, Djoerd Hiemstra, Martin Potthast and Benno Stein The Common Index: Crawling and Indexing the Web for Public Use IR4Good
Peter Müllner, Elisabeth Lex, Markus Schedl and Dominik Kowald The Impact of Differential Privacy on Recommendation Accuracy and Popularity Bias IR4Good
Thomas Beelen, Roeland Ordelman, Khiet Truong, Vanessa Evers and Theo Huibers A Conversational Robot for Children’s Access to a Cultural Heritage Multimedia Archive IR4Good
Georgios Papadopoulos, Yash Satsangi, Shaltiel Eloul and Marco Pistoia Absolute Variation Distance: an Inversion Attack Evaluation Metric for Federated Learning IR4Good
Royal Pathak and Francesca Spezzano An Empirical Analysis of Intervention Strategies’ Effectiveness for Countering Misinformation Amplification by Recommendation Algorithms IR4Good
Debasis Ganguly, Saran Pandian and Sean MacAvaney Evaluating the Explainability of Neural Ranking Models IR4Good
Rebecca Salganik, Fernando Diaz and Golnoosh Farnadi Fairness Through Domain Awareness: Mitigating Popularity Bias For Music Discovery IR4Good
Gautam Kishore Shahi, Amit Kumar Jaiswal and Thomas Mandl FakeClaim: A Multiple Platform-driven Dataset for Identification of Fake News on 2023 Israel-Hamas War IR4Good
Monica Landoni, Theo Huibers, Emiliana Murgia and Maria Soledad Pera Good for Children, Good for All? IR4Good
Thomas Jaenich, Graham McDonald and Iadh Ounis Improving Exposure Allocation in Rankings by Query Generation IR4Good
Linda Ratz, Markus Schedl, Simone Kopeinik and Navid Rekabsaz Measuring Bias in Search Results Through Retrieval List Comparison IR4Good
Akash Ghosh, Arkadeep Acharya, Prince Jha, Aniket Gaudgaul, Rajdeep Majumdar, Sriparna Saha, Aman Chadha, Raghav Jain, Setu Sinha and Shivani Agarwal MedSumm:A Multimodal Approach to Summarizing Code-Mixed Hindi-English Clinical Queries IR4Good
Federico Maria Cau and Nava Tintarev Navigating the Thin Line: Examining User Behavior in Search to Detect Engagement and Backfire Effects IR4Good
Tim Menzner and Jochen L. Leidner News Bias Detection: Comparative Experiments with Pre-Trained Neural Transformer-Based Language Models IR4Good
Georgios Papadopoulos, Yash Satsangi, Shaltiel Eloul and Marco Pistoia Ranking Distance Metric for Privacy Budget in Distributed Learning of Finite Embedding Data IR4Good
Chahat Raj, Anjishnu Mukherjee, Hemant Purohit, Antonios Anastasopoulos and Ziwei Zhu SALSA: Salience-Based Switching Attack for Adversarial Perturbations in Fake News Detection Models IR4Good
Maddalena Amendola, Raffaele Perego and Andrea Passarella Towards Fair and Robust Expert Finding in Community Question Answering Platforms IR4Good
Amifa Raj and Michael Ekstrand Towards Optimizing Ranking in Grid-Layout for Provider-side Fairness IR4Good
Osman A. Koraş, Christin Seifert and Jörg Schlötterer A Second Look on BASS – Boosting Abstractive Summarization With Unified Semantic Graphs Reproducibility
Faisal Shehzad and Dietmar Jannach Performance Comparison of Session-based Recommendation Algorithms based on Graph Neural Networks Reproducibility
Xinyu Mao, Bevan Koopman and Guido Zuccon A Reproducibility Study of Goldilocks: Just-Right Tuning of BERT for TAR Reproducibility
Martin Borčin and Joemon Jose Optimizing BERTopic: Analysis and Reproducibility Study of Parameter Influences on Topic Modeling Reproducibility
Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Nima Tavassoli, Eliezer Levy, Dima Sivov, Gil Lederman, Matteo Lissandrini and Davide Mottin Does the performance of Text-to-Image retrieval models generalize beyond captions-as-a-query? Reproducibility
Aman Sinha, Priyanshu Raj Mall and Dwaipayan Roy Exploring the Nexus Between Retrievability and Query Generation Strategies Reproducibility
Keping Bi, Xiaojie Sun, Jiafeng Guo and Xueqi Cheng Reproducibility Analysis and Enhancements for Multi-Aspect Dense Retriever with Aspect Learning Reproducibility
Yuanna Liu, Ming Li, Mozhdeh Ariannezhad, Masoud Mansoury, Mohammad Aliannejadi and Maarten de Rijke Measuring Item Fairness in Next Basket Recommendation: A Reproducibility Study Reproducibility
David Rau and Jaap Kamps Query Generation using Large Language Models: A reproducibility study of unsupervised passage reranking Reproducibility
Ignacio Avas, Liesbeth Allein, Katrien Laenen and Marie-Francine Moens Align MacridVAE: Multimodal Alignment for Disentangled Recommendations Findings
David Gimeno-Gómez, Ana-Maria Bucur, Adrian Cosma, Carlos-D. Martínez-Hinarejos and Paolo Rosso Reading Between the Frames: Multi-Modal Depression Detection in Videos from Non-Verbal Cues Findings
Rishabh Gyanendra Upadhyay, Arian Askari, Gabriella Pasi and Marco Viviani Beyond Topicality: Including Multidimensional Relevance in Cross-encoder Re-ranking – The Health Misinformation Case Study Findings
Pavlos Zakkas, Suzan Verberne and Jakub Zavrel SumBlogger: Abstractive Summarization of Large Collections of Scientific Articles Findings
Shuai Wang, Harrisen Scells, Shengyao Zhuang, Martin Potthast, Bevan Koopman and Guido Zuccon Zero-shot Generative Large Language Models for Systematic Review Screening Automation Findings
Shinian Li, Tao Jiang and Yuxiang Zhang A Phrase-level Attention Enhanced CRF for Keyphrase Extraction Findings
Shubham Gupta, Nandini Saini, Suman Kundu and Debasis Das CrisisKAN: Knowledge-infused and Explainable Multimodal Attention Network for Crisis Event Classification Findings
Kathryn Kirchoff, James Wellnitz, Joshua Hochuli, Travis Maxfield, Shawn Gomez and Alexander Tropsha Utilizing Tiny Molecular Embeddings for Rapid Chemical Similarity Search Findings
Pranav Kasela, Gabriella Pasi, Raffaele Perego and Nicola Tonellotto DESIRE-ME: Domain-Enhanced Supervised Information REtrieval using Mixture-of-Experts Findings
Jesus Lovon-Melgarejo, Jose G Moreno, Romaric Besançon, Olivier Ferret and Lynda Tamine Probing Pretrained Language Models with Hierarchy Properties Findings
Kateřina Macková and Martin Pilat ProMap: Product Mapping Datasets Findings
Mehrdad Rostami, Ali Vardasbi, Mohammad Aliannejadi and Mourad Oussalah Emotional Insights for Food Recommendations Findings
Carlos Lassance, Hervé Déjean, Stephane Clinchant and Nicola Tonellotto Two-Step SPLADE: Simple, Efficient and Effective approximation of SPLADE Findings
Negar Arabzadeh, Amin Bigdeli and Charles Clarke Adapting Standard Retrieval Benchmarks to Evaluate Generated Answers Findings
Gitanjali Kumari, Chandranath Adak and Asif Ekbal Mu2STS: A Multitask Multimodal Sarcasm-Humor-Differential Teacher-Student Model for Sarcastic Meme Detection Findings
Ludovico Boratto, Francesco Fabbri, Gianni Fenu, Mirko Marras and Giacomo Medda Robustness in Fairness against Edge-level Perturbations in GNN-based Recommendation Findings
Shuyi Wang, Bing Liu and Guido Zuccon How to Forget Clients in Federated Online Learning to Rank? Findings
Tommaso Carraro, Alessandro Daniele, Fabio Aiolli and Luciano Serafini Mitigating Data Sparsity via Neuro-Symbolic Knowledge Transfer Findings
Arihant Jain and Raksha Sharma Enhancing Legal Named Entity Recognition Using RoBERTa-GCN with CRF: A Nuanced Approach for Fine-Grained Entity Recognition Short Paper
Subhankar Maity, Aniket Deroy and Sudeshna Sarkar A Novel Multi-Stage Prompting Approach for Language Agnostic MCQ Generation using GPT Short Paper
Luo Ji, Jiayu Mao, Qian Li, Yunfei Chu, Hailong Shi and Hongxia Yang An Adaptive Framework of Geographical Group-Specific Network on O2O Recommendation Short Paper
Fatos Torba, Christophe Gravier, Charlotte Laclau, Julien Subercaze and Abderrahmen Kammoun A study on hierarchical text classification as a seq2seq task Short Paper
Georgios Sidiropoulos and Evangelos Kanoulas Improving the Robustness of Dense Retrievers Against Typos via Multi-Positive Contrastive Learning Short Paper
Hitesh Sagtani, Olivier Jeunen and Aleksei Ustimenko Learning-to-Rank with Nested Feedback Short Paper
Tendai Mukande, Esraa Ali, Annalina Caputo, Ruihai Dong and Noel E. O Connor MMCRec: Towards Multi-Modal Generative AI in Conversational Recommendation Short Paper
Kaustubh Dhole and Eugene Agichtein GenQREnsemble : Zero-Shot LLM Ensemble Prompting for Generative Query Reformulation Short Paper
Weronika Łajewska and Krisztian Balog Towards Reliable and Factual Response Generation: Detecting Unanswerable Questions in Information-seeking Conversations Short Paper
Marium Malik, Jiaojiao Jiang, Yang Song and Sanjay Jha MFView: Multi-Modal Fake News Detection with View-Specific Information Extraction Short Paper
Maryam Khodabakhsh, Fattane Zarrinkalam and Negar Arabzadeh BertPE: a BERT-Based Pre-retrieval Estimator for Query Performance Prediction Short Paper
Wolfgang Gritz, Anett Hoppe and Ralph Ewerth On the Influence of Reading Sequences on Knowledge Gain during Web Search Short Paper
Apostolos Kasampalis, Despoina Chatzakou, Theodora Tsikrika, Stefanos Vrochidis and Ioannis Kompatsiaris Bias Detection and Mitigation in Textual Data: a Study on Fake News and Hate Speech Detection Short Paper
Ivan Sekulic, Weronika Lajewska, Krisztian Balog and Fabio Crestani Estimating the Usefulness of Clarifying Questions and Answers for Conversational Search Short Paper
Pierre Erbacher, Louis Falissard, Vincent Guigue and Laure Soulier Navigating Uncertainty: Optimizing API dependency for Hallucination Reduction in Closed-Book QA Short Paper
Mathias Vast, Yuxuan Zong, Benjamin Piwowarski and Laure Soulier Simple Model Adaptation for Sparse Retrievers Short Paper
Tiago Almeida and Sérgio Matos SPARe: Supercharged lexical retrievers on GPU with sparse kernels Short Paper
Daniele Rege Cambrin, Luca Cagliero and Paolo Garza DQNC2S: DQN-based Cross-stream Crisis event Summarizer Short Paper
Benjamin Giacalone, Greg Paiement, Quinn Tucker and Richard Zanibbi Beneath the [MASK]: An Analysis of Structural Tokens in ColBERT Short Paper
Ludovico Boratto, Giulia Cerniglia, Mirko Marras, Alessandra Perniciano and Barbara Pes A Cost-Sensitive Meta-Learning Strategy for Fair Provider Exposure in Recommendation Short Paper
Ngozi Ihemelandu and Michael D. Ekstrand Multiple Testing for IR and Recommendation System Experiments Short Paper
Adrian-Gabriel Chifu, Sébastien Déjean, Moncef Garouani, Josiane Mothe, Diégo Ortiz and Md Zia Ullah Can we predict QPP? An approach based on multivariate outliers Short Paper
Haonan Tan, Kaiyu Yang and Haitao Yu An In-depth Comparison of Neural and Probabilistic Tree Models For Learning-to-Rank Short Paper
Arian Askari, Zihui Yang, Zhaochun Ren and Suzan Verberne Answer Retrieval in Legal Community Question Answering Short Paper
Carlos Muñoz, María José Apolo, Maximiliano Ojeda, Hans Lobel and Marcelo Mendoza News Gathering: Leveraging Transformers to Rank News Short Paper
Jianchao Ji, Zelong Li, Shuyuan Xu, Wenyue Hua, Yingqiang Ge, Juntao Tan and Yongfeng Zhang GenRec: Large Language Model for Generative Recommendation Short Paper
Beatriz Soviero, Daniel Kuhn, Alexandre Salle, Shervin Malmasi and Viviane P. Moreira ChatGPT Goes Shopping: LLMs Can Predict Relevance in eCommerce Search Short Paper
Ankit Satpute, André Greiner-Petter, Noah Gießing, Isabel Beckenbach, Moritz Schubotz, Olaf Teschke, Akiko Aizawa and Bela Gipp Taxonomy of Mathematical Plagiarism Short Paper
Giulia Rizzi, Alessandro Astorino, Paolo Rosso and Elisabetta Fersini Unraveling Disagreement Constituents in Hateful Speech Short Paper
Abbas Saleminezhad, Negar Arabzadeh, Ebrahim Bagheri and Soosan Beheshti Context-Aware Query Term Difficulty Estimation for Performance Prediction Short Paper
Amin Bigdeli, Negar Arabzadeh and Ebrahim Bagheri Learning to Jointly Transform and Rank Difficult Queries Short Paper
Sajad Ebrahimi, Maryam Khodabakhsh, Negar Arabzadeh and Ebrahim Bagheri Estimating Query Performance Through Rich Contextualized Query Representations Short Paper
Besnik Fetahu, Tejas Mehta, Qun Song, Oleg Rokhlenko and Shervin Malmasi Instant Answering in E-Commerce Buyer-Seller Messaging using Message-to-Question Reformulation Short Paper
Varad Pimpalkhute, John Heyer, Xusen Yin and Sameer Gupta Soft Query Expansion: Learned Representations of Queries Expanded by LLMs Short Paper
Ronak Pradeep and Jimmy Lin Towards Automated End-to-End Health Misinformation Free Search with a Large Language Model Short Paper
Gijs Hendriksen, Djoerd Hiemstra and Arjen P. de Vries Weighted AUReC: Handling Skew in Shard Map Quality Estimation for Selective Search Short Paper
Satya Almasian, Alexander Kosnac and Michael Gertz QuantPlorer: ExPloration of Quantities in Text Demo
Raoufdine Said and Adrien Guille Interactive Document Summarization Demo
Negar Arabzadeh, Kiarash Golzadeh, Christopher Risi, Charles Clarke and Jian Zhao KnowFIRES: a Knowledge-graph Framework for Interpreting Retrieved Entities from Search Demo
Rúben Almeida, Hugo Sousa, Luís F. Cunha, Nuno Guimarães, Ricardo Campos and Alipio Jorge Physio: An AI-Powered Physiotherapy Advisor Demo
Shea Durgin, James Gore and Behrooz Mansouri MathMex: Search Engine for Math Definitions Demo
Leila Feddoul, Martin Birke and Sirko Schindler XSearchKG: A Platform for Explainable Keyword Search over Knowledge Graphs Demo
Sebastian Sünkler, Nurce Yagci, Sebastian Schultheiß, Sonja von Mach and Dirk Lewandowski Result Assessment Tool: Software to support studies based on data from search engines Demo
Khalil Maachou, Jesus Lovon-Melgarejo, Jose G Moreno and Lynda Tamine eval-rationales: An End-to-End Toolkit to Explain and Evaluate Transformers-Based Models Demo
Anja Reusch, Guilherme Lopes, Wilhelm Pertsch, Hannes Ueck, Julius Gonsior and Wolfgang Lehner Selma: A Semantic Local Code Search Platform Demo
Yavuz Selim Kartal, Muhammad Ahsan Shahid, Sotaro Takeshita, Tornike Tsereteli, Andrea Zielinski, Benjamin Zapilko and Philipp Mayr VADIS – a VAriable Detection, Interlinking and Summarization system Demo
Nicolay Rusnachenko, Huizhi Liang, Maxim Kolomeets and Lei Shi ARElight: Context Sampling of Large Texts for Deep Learning Relation Extraction Demo
Joel Azzopardi Translating Justice: A Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval System for Maltese Case Law Documents Demo
Anastasiia Potiagalova and Gareth Jones Conversational search framework for multimedia archives Demo
Ruikun Wu, Jiaxuan Han, Jerome Ramos and Aldo Lipani Building and Evaluating a WebApp for Effortless Deep Learning Model Deployment Demo
Elias Bassani and Nicola Tonellotto indxr: A Python Library for Indexing File Lines Demo
Siddhant Jain, Asheesh Kumar, Trinita Roy, Kartik Shinde, Goutham Vignesh, Rohan Tondulkar and Rohan Tondulkar SciSpace Literature Review: Harnessing AI for Effortless Scientific Discovery Demo
Hitarth Narvala, Graham Mcdonald and Iadh Ounis Displaying Evolving Events via Hierarchical Information Threads for Sensitivity Review Demo
Javier Sanz-Cruzado, Edward Richards and Richard Mccreadie FAR-AI: A Modular Platform for Investment Recommendation in the Financial Domain Demo
Xuanji Xiao, Jimmy Chen, Yuzhen Liu, Xing Yao, Pei Liu and Chaosheng Fan NCS4CVR: Neuron-Connection Sharing for Multi-Task Learning in Video Conversion Rate Prediction Industry Day
Mateusz Slominski, Ezgi Yıldırım and Martin Tegner Semantic Content Search on Industry Day
Léa Briand, Théo Bontempelli, Walid Bendada, Mathieu Morlon, François Rigaud, Benjamin Chapus, Thomas Bouabça and Guillaume Salha-Galvan Let’s Get It Started: Fostering the Discoverability of New Releases on Deezer Industry Day
Shubham Baweja, Neeti Pokharna, Aleksei Ustimenko and Olivier Jeunen Variance Reduction in Ratio Metrics for Efficient Online Experiments Industry Day
Sanat Sharma, Tracy King, Jayant Kumar, Mayank Poddar and Kosta Blank Augmenting Knowledge Graph Hierarchies using Neural Transformers Industry Day
Md Rashad Al Hasan Rony, Soumya Ranjan Sahoo, Abbas Goher Khan, Ken Friedl, Viju Sudhi and Christian Suess Incorporating Query Recommendation for Improving In-car Conversational Search Industry Day