ECIR 2024 introduces a new innovation for ECIR, called the “Collab-a-thon”. The Collab-a-thon will provide an opportunity for participants to foster new collaborations that can lead to exciting new research, and forge lasting relationships with like-minded researchers. A Collab-a-thon for each topic will be held after each presentation session, parallel with the following session. All ECIR 2024 attendees are welcome (and encouraged!) to join and participate in the Collab-a-thon, particularly PhD students and IR practitioners!

How will it work?

Step 1: Attend a Conference Session. Each Collab-a-thon starts with a regular conference presentation session about a specific topic, e.g., “Recommendation” or “Evaluation”.

Step 2: Meet Up & Discuss. We’ll have dedicated space to discuss collaboration ideas on a topic following each session. Perhaps you want to try building a “Frankenstein” combination of the work presented by each of the attendees? Or maybe dream big and think of the next big idea in the space. It’s up to you!

Step 3: Collaborate! Keep in contact with the other attendees during and after ECIR to make your new idea a reality.

Schedule Overview


Venue Layout


The Collab-a-thon Report

You’ll be invited to contribute as an author to the Collab-a-thon Report, where we’ll document the discussions and share them with the wider community. We’ll help you out by taking notes on the discussions and writing up an initial draft.

Questions? Suggestions?

Please feel free to reach out to Sean MacAvaney <> with any questions or feedback.